Wednesday, 25 April 2012

About this blog

This blog is about good food where 'good' can mean both tasty and nutritious.  It's about cheap food because that's what I can afford.  I know from experience that people on limited budgets, with limited kitchen equipment can still cook wholesome, satisfying meals.  I intend to share cooking methods and recipes.
You'll get some weight loss tips along the way as well.  I was once obese, but dropped five stone simply by learning what foods to avoid.  I've kept to a healthy weight for five years now, so it must be working. 
I read a lot about health and nutrition, so I'll occasionally post on the topic and also critique food scare stories as they appear in the news.

By the way, this is a UK blog with UK food prices, but much of the information will be relevant to readers elsewhere.

I welcome questions and suggestions.

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